The development of “Journey Between Mountains’ is a story in itself.  The author, Kathleen Havens Gezzi and Mary Hall Baroudi worked long distance to bring about the manuscript.
Kathleen (Tootie) Gezzi was born in Clintonville, New York and grew up in Au Sable Forks, New York where she graduated from Au Sable High in 1949. She became Mrs. Orlando Gezzi in 1951.
In 1958, she moved to North Creek, New York with her family and became a neighbor of Mary Hall (Baroudi.)  They became loyal friends.
Mary heralds her friend Kathleen as a person who wore many hats. Kathleen began her working career as a long distance switchboard operator in Plattsburg, New York. A self-taught figure skater she was admired for her ability on the ice, and spent many years with the youth of the area teaching the basics of skating.  A natural athlete, she also spent a few years as a lifeguard and as a swimming instructor, where she worked with the youth who would eventually present their offspring to Kathleen for skating lessons.  She also was engaged in long distance running with her husband and has a collection of trophies for her effort. An avid golfer she plays most every day.
By the year 2000 both Mary and Kathleen had retired, Mary from teaching and the family business-----Kathleen from her employment as full charge bookkeeper.  She was ‘Gal Friday’ to lumber magnet Lieut. Colonel Martin D.Schnall who had been and an aide to General Eisenhower during WWII.  Mary retired to Florida, where she now lives with her daughter and husband Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Lomax.  Ms. Gezzi still resides in North Creek, New York. 
In August of 2006, Mary returned to North Creek for the first booksigning.  it was a momentous occasion for all.

Author Gezzi with Mary Hall Baroudi at booksigning in August  2006 in North Creek, New York
Pictured above left is Mary with authors son Perry and to the right Mary is shown with classmate Dr. Daniel O'keefe
Mary with Hoopy and Joan Colton
Shirley Bankert,North Creek Resident & Mary
Patty Filkins,Syb Lawrence and Pattys sister Peggy
Old  frineds meet at Howdy's-Joan Colton with Mary
Terry Waterston, Syb Lawrence Patty and  North Creek Deli owner Nicole (who had just got back from replenishing books after her stock had run out!
Syb and Peggy
Mary with Helen Cornwall
Mary and Author talking to visitors from New York City--Authors photo
Mary with Jane Klippell.
Peggy Corrine Dreon, Syb and Terri Waterston
Patty with her arms loaded with books chts with Syb as jane sits by

Mary at Howdy's greets author for the first time in fourteen years.